We now know that Donald Trump violated his oath of office by doing absolutely nothing to defend our country, and the Capitol, from domestic enemies. Rather than tweet for his minions to immediately leave as they invaded the Capitol, he tweeted grievances against Vice President Mike Pence. He refused to summon any assistance to the Capitol Police. People were killed, and others were injured, because he failed in his duties.

We also now know that our senators, Lummis and Barrasso, in voting to acquit Trump are fine with that dereliction of duty from a president. They clearly do not care about oaths of office, or our republic, or even their own fellow congressmen and congresswomen who were attacked on Jan. 6, 2021.

They have proven themselves to be loyal and devout members only of the seditious Party of Trump.

Mitch McConnell asked the Senate Republicans to vote their conscience. But, clearly, Lummis and Barrasso have none.

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