I have no problem wearing a mask. It shows I care about my health and others'. And I will continue wearing masks until this virus and people like you are no longer a threat to my health.

For those who have a problem with masks, I will try to explain this as simply as possible. You see, there is this virus called COVID-19 that is pretty bad. It has killed hundreds of thousands in the U.S. and millions around the world.

It is airborne. That means, if you have it, every time you talk, breathe out, or sneeze or cough, you spread the virus. Every time someone breathes in, they breathe in the virus, if it is in the air.

The simplest way to prevent this spread is to wear a mask. It has been proven to prevent the spread. It is not a hoax. But it appears many of you want to continue spreading this virus. The vaccine also helps stop the spread, but you also refuse to get it.

Masks are helpful. They don't do any harm. You would rather see people on ventilators?

No one says you or your kids have to wear masks 24-7. You can take them off whenever you are not in public or around other people. Kids are given mask breaks when they request it.

Masks are temporary – death is not!

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