In his April 10 column, Bob Norris unjustly attacks Rodger McDaniel. McDaniel did say, “Bigots still gather in some of our churches to pray, read scripture and hear sermons about why their god hates certain people.”

Norris tries to refute this accusation with anecdotal evidence. Having visited over 80% of the evangelical churches in Wyoming and not hearing sermons against LGBTQ does not constitute proof that such sermons do not exist.

Norris also states that, “Every evangelical church of any size in Cheyenne records every sermon, and many of them make them available online. Listen to these sermons and see if pastors are attacking homosexuals and other groups. I am confident that these sermons cannot be found in any number, if at all.” I would be somewhat confident if Norris said he had listened and found no anti-homosexual sermons, but also these recordings are only by some churches in Cheyenne, not by all churches throughout Wyoming, so even if we listened to all of them, we still would not know if some churches preach anti-homosexual sermons.

Norris tells us what sections of the Bible are used by churches that teach homosexuality is a sin. We must remember that churches also based their belief against interracial marriage on sections of the Bible. The Bible was written in very different times by men (not God) when there was a perceived need to populate the land. Also, science during biblical times was not as advanced as today.

If you want to get a very good explanation of homosexuality and other sexual orientations, read the April 2017 issue of National Geographic.

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