I am so sick of people trying to cram their beliefs down the throats of people who have different beliefs/opinions than theirs. This whole COVID-19 supposed "vaccine" (which will not prevent a person from getting the COVID-19 virus) is constantly being crammed down the throats of people who actually have their own beliefs and the ability to think for themselves, and choose not to take the supposed "vaccine" for a virus that has an extremely high survival rate.

The people who choose to say NO to the shot because of the above said and the fact that there have been no long-term studies of the damage/long-term effects of whatever it is they are injecting into people's arms SHOULD NOT BE BULLIED, put down or be of any concern to the people who choose to stick out their arms to be a science experiment! If that's your choice, fine. So be it. Not my problem or concern. You do you.

But if I choose not to get the vaccine, fine! So be it! THAT IS MYYYYYYYYYY CHOICE!!!! Not yours!!!!!

The ones who have taken the shot have taken on a weird cult-like mentality!!! Proudly announcing on social media that they got their shot with a picture and the "I GOT MY COVID-19 VACCINE" banner, badgering or belittling people who choose not to and even rudely and shamelessly questioning the intelligence of Wyoming citizens in a letter to the editor who choose not to "protect against a horrific virus."

Perhaps the ones who should be questioned about their intelligence are the ones who have taken the "vaccine" without knowing what is in it or the long-term effects or damage it could possibly cause? I don't cram my beliefs down people's throats because how they live their lives and the choices they make are none of my business! Please return the favor and stay out of business that is not yours.

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