Are we REALLY considering storing spent nuclear waste in Wyoming?

I am disappointed that our state is even having discussions about storing spent nuclear waste in our state. I know that the talks are preliminary, but the $10 million that the federal government is proposing as compensation does not even deserve a serious conversation.

I am well aware that we are "budget challenged," and have been for many years. Yet we continue to talk about options, all the time waiting for the next "boom" to present itself. When will we actually take action?

In December 2018, the WTE (“Mead predicts more appetite for Medicaid expansion going forward”) was told by the Wyoming Department of Health  director that Wyoming would have received $577 million had Wyoming expanded the Medicaid program in 2012. Now, a year later, that number is probably in the $650 million range. Plus, approximately 20,000 of our neighbors would qualify for Medicaid, and Wyoming hospitals would not face considerable uncompensated care losses.

Are our state leaders REALLY talking about allowing spent nuclear waste into our state for $10 million, when we continue to turn away hundreds of millions of dollars?

I think it was Eli Bebout that made the remark about the Medicaid expansion, “We will find the Wyoming answer to this problem.” Great – what luck are you having with that Eli? Have you found another $650 million lying around anywhere? Has Charlie Scott been able to “study” where we could get $650 million?

We have been going through the same age-old motions of TALKING about new revenue streams, yet few actions have been taken.

When will Wyoming REALLY become fiscally responsible and make good budgetary decisions? We STILL make decisions that are based on the historical mineral royalties paying for. That is yesterday – we need to learn to live in the future.

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