This is in reply to Marian Yoder's recent letter.

Our opinions of Rodger McDaniel differ greatly. While you think his qualities are second only to Jesus, I feel he is a hypocrite of the highest order, and his vitriolic Trump and conservative hate-filled columns are fit only for the cat litter box.

He has compassion for law-breaking border sneaks and those of every gender imaginable, but not a tear is shed for the thousands of little humans who only know the feeling of a pair of scissors in the base of their skull. His compassion won't even let his daughter marry a conservative (his words).

His only ideas, to my knowledge, are ones that someone else has to pay for. Typical socialist liberal.

He quotes passages from the Bible and then gives us his almighty interpretation of what they mean. I could do that! Marian, I know you would like all of us to be as perfect as you and McDaniel, but that can never happen.

Some of my competing ideas are clean coal: use more of it, bury the nuclear rods here, legalize gambling, build prisons for all illegals, build more border walls, put God back everywhere, elect more conservatives, make education efficient, re-elect Trump, don't disrespect our flag, don't turn the USA into a Muslim nation, higher taxes for Democrats, Democrats get off of Trump's back and get to work on something besides socialist insanity and false investigations, DUMP THE SQUAD. I have many more, but no more space for now.

If I never read another McDaniel column, it will be too soon, let alone 450 more. Not enough room for me to explain these to you, Marian – you wouldn't understand anyway.

Want to stop drunk drivers from killing sober drivers? Ban sober drivers from driving. That is how gun control works.

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