No one can deny that we’re living in a very divided world – politically speaking, that is. It’s not just about the facts anymore. With 24/7 internet access at everyone’s fingertips, people have the overwhelming possibilities to engage in tactics such as gaslighting, projection and downright made-up stories.

You may think living in a smallish town like Cheyenne that there’s not much of these tactics being used. Well, you would be wrong. Gaslighting is happening in Laramie County School District 1.

At the Nov. 15 LCSD1 school board meeting, during the public comment section, a parent read aloud a book titled “Traffic” By Ellen Hopkins. The words read were inappropriate at best, and vulgar to most listening. Before the parent read the excerpt, she warned the audience to remove kids who were present and listening; she warned about the impending inappropriate words.

The excerpt was read to illustrate the sexually explicit content our children have access to in the LCSD1 libraries and on their LCSD1-issued iPads. Our children attending LCSD1 do not get any warning that they are about to read sexually explicit material.

The following day, the superintendent felt the need to apologize in a YouTube video; however, she did not apologize for the inappropriate books that can be found in our schools. She did not apologize that these books are available to very impressionable minds. Instead, she made the conscious choice to apologize for the parent's inappropriate language; language that came directly out of an LCSD1 library book.

For this, we should all be greatly concerned for our children and what they have the potential to be exposed to. It seems the superintendent is more concerned with language at a meeting, rather than language our kids have access to. Where are the priorities of our leadership?

For those not yet awake to what's going on in public education and LCSD1, please start attending school board meetings and keep your eyes wide open to what your children are reading and learning. It has never been more important to be involved and stand up.

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