What is the purpose of having sexual intercourse, becoming pregnant, carrying the baby to term and then aborting it during or immediately after birth? If one is going to abort the human child, why not do it in the very beginning of the first trimester? Perhaps it is to harvest the organs of the child for profit as is done by many in the abortion industry.

With the New York law of abortion up to and including birth, and Kathy Tran’s law in Virginia with other states following, we are getting more barbaric by the day.

Women spout “reproductive rights,” but they fail to see that they also have “reproductive responsibilities.” A woman has the choice to engage in sexual intercourse, and a woman’s body is designed to become pregnant following sexual intercourse.

In addition, let’s not forget the consensual male, as he also has reproductive responsibilities to help care for the child. A woman and man have the reproductive responsibility to care for their pre-born child up to and including birth; then either caring for the child or adoption are the options – not killing the child.

With laws such as these New York/Virginia/Illinois, etc. laws, conspiracy to commit murder is the crime of which the politicians are guilty and, most seriously, they are to be arrested and jailed for as long as possible for this crime.

Politicians cannot make laws that single out a group of people – babies – for the sole purpose of killing that group of people; for which these “post-birth” abortion laws are designed to accomplish. A woman, doctor or anyone else has no right to single out a group of people – babies – and kill them. The child in the womb is separate, and to coin a phrase, it “is their body and their choice (the child’s) as to be born or not – the mother has no right whatsoever to kill that child.

Conspiracy to commit murder: a serious crime of which Democrats and politicians who voted for the bill are guilty and need to be arrested and jailed for as long as the law allows. 

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