The purpose of government is to serve and protect people. To effectively serve and protect people, members of the government are expected to conduct themselves and perform their responsibilities in a professional and ethical manner.

For some time, the behavior of many in government reflects a lack of professional and ethical standards. Elected officials frequently vilify others with name calling and other insults. Imagine how effectively any enterprise would operate if the employees were insulting their co-workers. The enterprise would fail due to poor performance and customer dissatisfaction.

The people's problems and needs are not being effectively addressed due to mutually destructive political behavior. Politicians are not serving the people. For problems and needs to be effectively addressed, politicians must exercise high professional and ethical standards.

Throughout our history, no single political group has been able to have complete control of our government. Therefore, compromise and mutually acceptable agreements have been necessary for government to function.

If politicians are not held accountable for their behavior, our government will fail.

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