The headline in the Saturday, July 6 WTE is an understatement regarding pothole repair work.

It included “pothole repair efforts,” and that “effort,” or so-called battle, was lost a long time ago. The lack of preventative maintenance prior to freezing of roadway cracks is the real cause for the crumbling that takes place here.

There are thousands of cracks developing all over the city at the present time. Moisture next winter in those cracks will freeze and expand. Next spring will be time to make another “effort.” The chip sealing is fine, but it does not take away the bumps.

Someone needs to go back to school and learn basics. The fact remains, placing an oil mix in a concrete pothole is only a temporary fix. Each component has a different chemistry. You can’t mix oil and water, nor can oil and lime become a permanent bond. The past performance proves that fact.

Until the city starts a better “effort” in preventative maintenance before the crisis, it will continue to provide job security for those who return to the same places, time and time again, as well as the new spots in the future.

What has been done in the past simply does not work, so it is time to avoid the waste of money.

Maybe the mayor will want another expensive study?

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