Reading all the outrage about the withdrawal from Afghanistan and wanted to point out, yes, the Marines killed in the car bombing was horrible.

Senator Barrasso is in Rock Springs, running his mouth about it, awfully quiet about the over 300,000 citizens that died from COVID in 2020 and the approximately 2,500 US military deaths, 20,600 wounded and 3,800 private security contractors deaths in the last 20 years in Afghanistan, not to mention over 241,000 civilians killed.

So, all you Argyle sock wearing military experts need to reflect on the fact that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney started this terrible fiasco, not to mention the 4,500 US military deaths in Iraq and the untold number of PTSD affected veterans and their families.

Our great nation needs to concentrate on issues from sea to shining sea and not try to be the world police. Thank God, over 100,000 people did get evacuated. Try to remember their are a lot of other politicians to blame in this terrible war!

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