As much as our city has revitalized and beautified in some areas, other areas have been left still looking rough. In particular, the part of West Lincolnway where what's left of the vacant, abandoned and graffiti-ridden Hitching Post Inn buildings still take up space.

It should have been demolished by now, but instead the issue of tearing down of the remnants of the old Hitching Post Inn is tied up in litigation. I didn't know it would be so hard to tear down a building. It's just baffling why it's taking so long for the tear-down.

If I was a councilman representing that ward, I would be putting the pressure on the powers that be to find some resolution so it could be torn down. Honestly, it's a stain to that part of West Lincolnway.

I know there were efforts a few years back to beautify parts of West Lincolnway, so I'm not saying all of West Lincolnway is rough looking. The inspiration to write this came from my daily commute to work as I utilize West Lincolnway. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not disappointed that the Hitching Post Inn buildings are still standing.

It now isn't just the Hitching Post Inn buildings that make that section so bad to look at, as the now closed and boarded-up Atlas motel building looks just as dilapidated.

Those two buildings are right in front of the city's Ice and Events Center, and that's a shame, because it's not a good welcome for tourists who have never been to the events center. The events center has many activities for families, and I feel it's sometimes ignored or can get a bad rap because of it being sandwiched between two abandoned buildings.

I envision the space that the Hitching Post Inn buildings take up possibly being used for an events center expansion or a strip mall.

In summary, the city needs to figure out a way to expedite the Hitching Post Inn tear-down to further beautify and advance West Lincolnway.

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