The LGBTQ agenda is way out of control.

Throughout the country, the LGBTQ crowd is pushing heavily to dominate various aspects of society.

In Boston, City Hall is flying the rainbow flag; U.S. embassies around the world are flying the rainbow flag (Philippines, Mexico City, Israel, Belize, Milan, etc); libraries in New York and San Francisco are holding Drag Queen Story Hour for children (male drag queens read LGBTQ books to children).

A surgeon in Canada charges $9,000 to perform double mastectomies on teenage girls identifying as boys; select Target stores have “pride” sections in their stores; schools are dealing with the transgender bathroom issue, causing great confusion and distress for students and parents.

Planet Fitness revoked a woman’s membership because she complained about a man in the women’s locker room, only to be told that “he” was a transgender woman. Trans-activists are trying to rename the vagina and anus to more “gender neutral terms” such as front hole and back hole!

Eighth-graders in Illinois are being required to take an LGBTQ history course or they won’t graduate from junior high, and their parents will be charged with a Class “C” misdemeanor (parents would keep their children out of school when the course is being taught – thus chronic truancy classified as child abuse).

In the Bay Area, LGBTQ activists are setting up in some high schools “Big Gay Booths,” inviting students to come and talk about sexuality. Brown University published a peer-reviewed study that discussed how peer pressure may cause teens to identify as transgender. Under severe pressure from the trans-community, Brown University pulled the valid, peer-reviewed study from their website.

Lawsuits being leveled against Christians are on the rise thanks to the Sexual Orientation – Gender Identity (SOGI) non-discrimination ordinances being passed in various cities. Laramie and Jackson are two of those cities, and it is being considered here in Cheyenne via Mayor Orr, as per the article in the WTE.

This LGBTQ onslaught must be resisted; for Cheyenne, a starting point would be no SOGI anti-discrimination ordinance. Federal laws already address this issue.

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