We as a species are not good at waiting on long-term outcomes. We want immediate gratification.

Look at the fascination we've had with the reduced pollution in China. The problem is, reducing global climate change will not work that way. Molecules of carbon dioxide have a half-life of thousands of years. Methane has a much shorter half-life, but breaks down into carbon dioxide.

Bottom line: This is not something that will be solved within our lifetimes, but we can make huge strides toward a solution. Our response to the coronavirus has shown that we are capable of major changes when necessary, and in this case, change is necessary.

I'm sure most people in Cheyenne would argue that this threat is not as immediate as the coronavirus. The virus was not an immediate threat until it was. Climate change will not be an immediate threat until it is. The difference is that, while coronavirus may dissipate in a few months, it will be thousands of years until the carbon cycle of this planet gets back to normal. We should do something about this now, while we still can.

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