Thank you, Mr. Galeotos, for your great WTE column on Sunday, and my apologies to Sen. Nethercott for the repugnant correspondence she received.

To my mind, it's an imbalance in the perpetual rights vs. responsibilities debate. No right is absolute. Every American enjoys rights well beyond people in most of the world. However, to maintain a constructive and productive society, we need to fulfill our responsibilities to the nation and our fellow citizens.

With his vulgarity, Mr. Bray failed his responsibility to engage in civil debate. Worse yet, many leaders of the state Republican Party failed in their responsibility to aggressively condemn such behavior. Unfortunately, I'm unsurprised.

Thank you again, Mr. Galeotos, for taking a public stand against this descent into the gutter. One email and the lack of universal condemnation may seem like a minor matter, but it's an indicator of a societal cancer.

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