On my walk around town last week, I happened upon a couple visiting Cheyenne from Arkansas. They were seeking directions to the Old West Museum and how to use the trolley. I obliged and welcomed them to Wyoming, whereupon they commented about how great everyone had been to them on their visit to Cheyenne. I wasn't surprised because, for the most part, Wyoming people are really pretty friendly.

Which brings me to the next part of the story and the point of this letter. On June 22, my friend Gayle and I went to Perkins to celebrate her birthday, and apparently a gentleman in the next booth overheard, though little did we know this at the time.

Time passed, people came and went, and the check came in due course. Presently, a staff member came by, picked up the check and said we'd been given the wrong bill. More time passed, but the new check never arrived.

Finally, after Gayle and I had solved quite a few of the world's problems, it was time to go, and I asked for the check. It transpired that the gentleman in the neighboring booth had paid the bill for us both! We asked if the Perkins staff knew him so we could thank him. They didn't seem to, or maybe he had told them not to let on to us who he was.

In any event, we have no idea what he looked like or who he was. I do know he was generous-spirited and unassuming.

Whoever he is, and wherever he is from, Gayle and I would both like to thank this man for his kindness. He made an already memorable day even more so and gave us another good, and true, Wyoming story to tell and an example to follow. Thanks! 

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