I know I was one of many in this story, but the power went off at 4 a.m. March 14 on Military Road. It got cold quickly, and our driveway and road were plugged with snow.

My oxygen was doing down fast, so I had my son call 911, CPD, county and everyone to get help. The base's equipment was in the garages, as was the county's, and with the storm situation, no one was available to help.

I had several relatives, friends, plus my daughter in South Dakota call around also. Finally, our neighbor, with his Kubota, came and got the driveway plowed.

This was getting to be a terrible medical emergency for this 91-year-old lady with no electricity for my oxygen concentrator. Then, my son got the call from 911 that the fire department was on its way.

They had a big Ford truck, so they helped me, my son and my dog get in and took us to the motel. We stayed there for two days, and a relative came and brought us home Wednesday.

Just wondering why the Air National Guard and the military can help out D.C., but not Cheyenne. Maybe they did, and I didn't hear about it.

Thanks for the wonderful people who helped.

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