I have a student in LCSD1 and received a text that LCSD1 students in grades 5-12 would be participating in a "student climate survey" on May 12. The survey is to be conducted by the Western Educational Equity Assessment Center.

"WEEAC" does not hide its clear "equity" agenda of instituting critical race theory into school districts via surveys, diversity training and curriculum. The "wokes" have arrived on our students' doorstep, touting their racist poison in the name of "equity."

The first page of WEEAC's website says "BLACK LIVES MATTER". WEEAC is associated with the Southern Poverty Law Center.

LCSD1 Superintendent Boyd Brown informed me that he made the decision to invite WEEAC into LCSD1. Regardless of Dr. Brown’s reasoning, parents need to research these websites, ask questions and become informed because LCSD1 is not being transparent.

If LCSD1 desires a student survey, how about retaining a professional, unbiased testing entity that will produce accurate data that is valuable, as opposed to biased agenda-driven data to support WEEAC actually coming into our schools to fix our “unwoke” students and teachers?

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