Critical race theory. What an unfortunate label for historical accuracy! Thanks, Rodger, for your June 27 column’s tough take, and Marion Yoder for your June 30 letter.

Black history is AMERICAN history!

First, a little background.

Only the rich could afford to own books and learn to read before Gutenberg improved movable type in 1450. Printing became much faster and much more affordable. Consequently, a wealthy merchant class gradually emerged in Europe.

France had aristocracy and proletariat. England had peerage (royal and titled) and commoners. The first English son inherited everything, leaving brothers with nothing. Some, along with merchants, set off for the New World to make their fortune. The exodus grew into roughly 2 million settlers in 13 colonies on an eastern edge of the continent. Eventually, to protect their wealth from a monarchy an ocean away, they rebelled against the Crown’s dictates and, most especially, its taxes.

This country was built on free land, free labor and free rein – three enormous cracks in its foundation. Some Europeans viciously slaughtered and heedlessly displaced First Nations, brutally enslaved Africans and summarily dismissed women. The founders resurrected and repeated practices that had been directed toward their own predecessors – exclusions.

Hate is taught. Children are unable to view historical fact the same way adults do. If youngsters learn to hate their country and themselves from CRT, they’ll get those lessons at home, not the classroom! The February 2019 McCormick Junior High incident clearly demonstrated that relatives have far more influence on kids’ attitudes than any other relevant factor.

In order to correct injustices, you have to know their history. It's painfully obvious that those opposing CRT either don't want to know or refuse to accept a truthful accounting of our past.

America must atone for the crimes of the founders. The federal government has got to acknowledge those wrongs, accept responsibility for them and address issues caused by their crippling inhumanity. It must correct whatever it can and vow to end abuses.

For America’s sake, we should all now understand that it's up to us to elect leaders who have committed to these ends!

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