It does feel good to be a Trump supporter.

I read the letter from Janet Cunningham on Sept. 6. She speaks of the deaths on the southern border, but she's so far off track. I lived in southern Arizona for 16-plus years. I saw and read about the rapes of children and women. The murders of families. The loss of livestock. The loss of homes to fires and theft. The destruction of property. The arroyos carry the rush of rainwater during the monsoon season. They get destroyed by the illegals as they travel across them, which causes flooding on the farm lands.

My father and I hunted together, and I was taught to take out what you took in and pick up anything that shouldn't be there out of respect to the landowners. It would take dump trucks to remove the trash left behind.

I have seen the leftover carcasses of cattle, pigs and goats left behind that illegals had cut their throat and cut a chunk of meat out of it and left the rest to rot. Fence lines were cut, because using a gate is out of the question, and livestock had run off to be lost or killed on the roads.

Imagine this: You buy a house. The FIRST thing you do is have bars put on the windows to be safe.

The deaths are not a fault of the president, they are the fault of the "coyotes" who leave the illegals to die in the desert so they don't get caught. Trailers full of illegals have been left in the desert or on side roads and everyone inside died. President Trump didn't leave them there.

So, if helping to protect Americans' privacy and lives makes me a supporter then, yes, I AM A TRUMP SUPPORTER! At least someone cares about, and is doing something to help, Americans. Isn't that the job of the president? To put the best interest of the U.S. first?

So, before you accuse us or the president of something wrong, live on the border. What did Clinton or Obama do?

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