In reference to the University of Wyoming trustees' decision to build dorms on campus proper: Trustees have approved the dorm plan, version No. 3, where Wyoming Hall is demolished and the occupants move to “swing” office space in Hill Hall. Remodeling will cost $1 million to make the building, condemned two decades ago, habitable.

I thought the university had a budget problem and needed to tighten its purse strings. Would it not be smarter to tear down Hill Hall, as recommended in the 2014-15 and 2016-17 dorm plans, and build the four- to six-story dorm on that site?

Where is the cost analysis for demolishing Wyoming Hall, asbestos abatement, moving of the steam tunnel, and the communication hub in the basement or design plans and building costs for the new dorm? It is not going to be cheap. Not to mention that the trustees previously put Wyoming Hall under the preservation plan as stated by former state Sen. Mike Massie, D-Laramie, in his editorial earlier this summer.

In that op-ed, Massie said the dorm funding legislation states it is an act of vandalism and violation of Section 3bii to demolish Wyoming Hall. The section states “all student housing constructed during the project shall conform to the UW Board of Trustees historic preservation plan."

What are the plans for permanently housing the occupants of Wyoming Hall? The current occupants include HR, Parking and Transit, ROTC, Office of UW Safety and academic units. Returning Knight, Ross back to dorms will create a massive office shortage, eliminating 520 office spaces, in addition to the 150-plus in Wyoming Hall. So where is UW going to put everyone? Who cares if the faculty and staff can’t do their jobs?

Did the dorm committee, trustees or Old Main stop to think how inconvenient, for the whole campus, to go to HR and Parking and Transit over by the football stadium with no parking. Or is it safe to have college students close to the Lab School? Finally, has anyone asked the college students if they want to be on campus proper? Is this another nanny state idea?

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