This letter is in response to William Cullins' letter about haters. First off, there have been more than only the two disgruntled citizens killing fellow human beings in Dayton and El Paso. Try hundreds killing thousands in the past four decades. Bullied teenagers (Columbine), misguided racists at synagogues, Baptist churches, etc. and outright nuts at Sandy Hook!

I've heard it said guns don't kill people, people do. Tell that to a family member who lost a loved one, killed by a man who killed 20+ people in less than a minute! We must start doing the right thing as Americans!

Assault weapons have one purpose – to kill people. Haters put people in cages to deter others from seeking a better life. Tear their children from their arms, never to be seen again, in some cases. We need immigration reform, a livable minimum wage, affordable health care, studies and solutions to combat global warming. We need to respect each other as Americans! Regardless if you are black, red, yellow, brown, white or turquoise! Everyone has a right to pursue life, liberty and happiness in a positive sense.

God is watching us and will come again, regardless of what name we call him by. The Lord will not come with weapons, but the light of truth, love, glory and peace. Evildoers will shrink and hide, rather than expose themselves to him. 

When we call each other socialist communists, neo-Nazis, rapists, criminals, bigots and a myriad of names, we do nobody any good. America is the most diverse nation on Earth. We are to be a beacon of hope, rather than an example of dysfunction. In the end, nobody is going back where they or their ancestors came from.

This, America, is where we call home. There should be two types of Americans – American citizens and those who aspire to be one!

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