The opinion I want to state is one of remorse. The Biden administration‘s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan is not surprising, and I don’t know what else we could’ve done. We couldn’t stay there forever, and, of course, Afghanistan needs to handle itself. But it seemed pretty obvious to me from the start that the Taliban were going to take back territory.

PBS NewsHour just released a story the other night talking about a sense of abandonment among the Afghan people. They also covered the fact that citizen militias are being organized and armed by the government to oppose the Taliban. Again, this doesn’t surprise me, but it saddens and disappoints me.

Honestly, I’ve been fed up for years about the hypocrisy of human rights standards and interventionism. People on the far right will preach interventionism for the sake of going after the next bad guy if enough of a national security lie has been built up around it. And people on the left claim to care about people’s lives, but then see every form of intervention as evil.

I know this isn’t a fair statement, because every individual is unique. But I spent years trying to get people to care about the situation in Darfur, Sudan. And we all remember the big debate over whether to remain in Iraq, after it was obvious that the initial invasion was a mistake and a lie.

I know people need to govern their own affairs, one nation can’t be the police force, and we have problems here. That has never stopped me from caring about people around the world or wanting to see the big picture.

Honestly, I look at people who take the local argument, and they appear to use it as an excuse to simply not care at all what happens to anyone but themselves. This isn’t fair of me, but that’s how it feels. And I wish I could do more than just wish the Afghan fighters well.

I’m asking those who read this letter to please reply to it in your own letters. Let us discuss this.

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