The Equality Act is unjust law because it coerces people to act against their conscience. Conscience is the most sacred faculty that man has been endowed with by our creator. As Martin Luther once stated, “It is neither right nor safe to go against conscience.”

When government becomes tyrannical and forces people to act against their conscience, they are setting the stage for greater and greater abuses of power. Our constitution created a system whereby all men are treated equal under law. If a person works hard, is honest and proves he is a good citizen, it is inconceivable that that person will not be able to find work, housing and live a comfortable life, no matter what their sexual orientation is. In the real world, most people don’t care. What people care about is the quality of the person.

However, when someone becomes a pawn to identity politics and wears their preferences on their shirt sleeve, people rightly become nervous.

Pastor McDaniel makes some selective quotes from the Manhattan Declaration. I would encourage every Wyoming citizen to read it online. If you do so, you will find it to be a kind, but candid declaration of essential Christian belief concerning life, marriage and religious freedom. It is neither hateful nor partisan, but rather a succinct statement of the issues that we are wrestling with as a nation.

What we need is a debate on the issues, not just name-calling and demagoguery. I have found that the one who has the weakest arguments usually resorts to personal attack. What Jonathan Lange asserted about the Equality Act was neither hateful nor bigoted; it was simply truth.

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