Dr. Hinkle is the secretary of the Wyoming Board of Medicine, charged with oversight and discipline of physicians practicing in accordance with Wyoming laws. She continues to demonstrate she’s unworthy of that vitally essential responsibility. In her March 6 rebuttal to Jonathan Lange’s Feb. 28 op-ed, I question her credibility even more.

She claims to be disappointed for being quoted out of context; however, she does not deny or recant her comments to the Senate Labor Committee about Senate File 97, “Born alive-infant means of care.” Instead, she takes this opportunity to double down with more outrageous statements. 

SF 97 could tighten up statute loopholes, and she worries a doctor who shares her ideology might be punished if “a provider does not try to resuscitate a fetus of an elective abortion after term if it had signs of life.” REALITY CHECK: What do you call a human being outside the womb with signs of life? That’s a NEWBORN, not a fetus, despite what Dr. Hinkle and other radical “providers” think. SF 97 is an anti-infanticide bill, to constrain irresponsible providers that deny the humanity of a newborn that comes after an attempted abortion. This bill only applies when an infant is born alive following an abortion procedure.

Hinkle asserts that babies aren’t viable before 23 weeks because physicians who think like her say so. She proclaims it’s “generally accepted.” Lest we forget Ellie Schneider, born at 21 weeks and six days, who was applauded as a special guest at the State of the Union address. Was she or is she not viable?

Hinkle's proud to testify against bills that set moral bounds on abortion, despite her conflicting governmental oversight duty. Hinkle proclaimed “the government should not come between a physician and his/her patient.” Should a physician who doesn’t believe in oversight of physicians be on the board charged with that responsibility?

Lange was right about Hinkle’s testimony, and Dr. Hinkle’s letter increases concerns that Wyoming abortion laws are being skirted. The board’s responsibility is to watch over physicians for compliance with statutory constraints on Wyoming abortions. Who will watch the watchers?

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