We now allow 100% of illegal alien border-crossers WITH children to remain in the U.S., and the adults are given work permits.

At current rates, 445,000 will be arriving this year, thanks to our elected officials in both political parties! The total number of allied troops on D-Day was about 150,000; the number of invaders coming in every month is in the same ballpark. Who is invading who here? Does anyone care in Washington, since it appears we still have the same old "let 'em all in" immigration policy?

I do not understand why I keep hearing "humanitarian crisis" while a tsunami of illegal aliens continues to flood into our country. We did not drag these people and their children, kicking and screaming, into the USA. They came of their own free will expecting U.S. taxpayers to pay their care and feeding. The U.S. has roughly 4.6% of the world's population and 20% of the world's migrants; no other nation has ever come close to the figure.

Perhaps if we didn't spend so much on deterring, processing, supporting, etc. illegal aliens, we really could afford health care for all American citizens. Perhaps if we had elected politicians who cared more about our nation than their political party or bank accounts, we would not be in this crisis.

Since our last five presidents refused to enforce our immigration laws, and Trump has not been able to stop the invasion, it appears we have very few standing up for us. I will give Trump credit for trying; however, in my opinion, the barbarians are not only at the gate, they are HERE, thanks to the very people we elected to represent us! We are going to pay a very high price for this in the not-to-distant future.

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