Sex is in the news again. Florida’s parental rights law says teachers cannot talk to K-3 students about sexual matters; why are we even talking to K-6 students about sex in the first place!?

Biden, on his “Transgender Day of Visibility,” stated they were created in God’s image. Joe said God created; if God created, did God make some mistakes? The Bible says God created male and female, not male/female/transgender. Did God put the wrong brains and bodies together of several million people, as the LGBT community is stating? I don't think God made any mistakes, especially to where we have to surgically and chemically mutilate bodies of children to make the body match the brain.

"Mayor Pete" said if we don't talk to kids about sex, many will commit suicide. Kids haven’t died in the past 10,000 years because we didn't talk about sex at a young age. If not talking about sex to kids causes them to commit suicide, then there are deeper, more serious issues where they need professional help.

If we can talk to kids about transitioning from one sex to the other, why is so-called conversion therapy so horrible that we can't talk to kids/people about rethinking their dysphoria and retaining their biologic sex? Talking to K-6 kids about LGBT sex is a prelude to sexual desensitization; human/sex traffickers use similar methods to groom children (see

Starri Hedges, Minnesota health teacher, took her class to Smitten Kitten, an adult “novelty shop.” Florida teacher Sarah Leonardi took her elementary students to Rosie’s Bar & Grill gay bar. Matt Kashdan, a Wisconsin senior high teacher, did a drag queen act for the school’s Fine Art Week show. All of these: Really? Why?

Kids really are not interested is sex, whereas adults are astronomically, enormously obsessed with sex. The only reason kids are talking about sex is because sexually obsessed adults push sex in their classrooms, parades, movies/videos/YouTubes/TV shows/textbooks and adult sex shops (three in Cheyenne and two adult strip clubs). Why is any of this LGBT sex necessary anyway; maybe because it’s a social/political agenda?

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