As a person who is involved with the Healthy Wyoming coalition to get the state Legislature to pass Medicaid expansion for the most vulnerable citizens in our state, it was frustrating to read Sen. John Barrasso's extensive remarks against this much-needed legislation. (WTE, 11/17/21)

He acknowledged that this is a matter for state government, so why is he weighing in against state legislation that can save the lives of his fellow Wyoming citizens, his own constituents?

He talked about Wyoming doing a better job with Medicaid spending by "doing it the Wyoming way, rather than have Washington mandates say how it has to be done." He goes on to talk about the federal waste in the system, and he wants to make sure that the taxpayers get value for their money. Sen. Barrasso, I thought it was your job to work toward correcting any abuses you find in the federal system, and you could start by seeing that corporations and billionaires pay their fair share.

I invite Sen. Barrasso to spend some time in any of the Wyoming hospital emergency rooms to see firsthand how badly Medicaid expansion is needed in the state. Is it the "Wyoming way" for its people who cannot afford health insurance to resort to using the ER for their primary care? And, is it the "Wyoming way" to expect our hospitals, especially the rural ones, to absorb those costs? Also, he seems to expect Wyoming primary care providers to absorb some of the costs of the care of their patients.

Sen. Barrasso mentions his concern with the government being overly involved in some of these programs. What about his own great health care coverage? Is he concerned about the government being overly involved in that?

Sen Barrasso, if the government can afford to give tax breaks to the richest in our country, surely it can provide basic health care to "the least of these" among us in Wyoming!

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