Our legislators have convened, not to further the best interests of our state or its residents, but to protest our part in the United States of America. They spend more time passing bills to stick it to the feds than they do to actually make life more livable for the people of our state.

At no cost to their crumbling budget, they disregard the impact of extending medical coverage to tens of thousands. Not to worry, they have taken steps to limit the right to vote to these same people.

They pay no heed to the inevitable collapse of their power base. Even Trump couldn't save the coal industry, and the false claim that that is the only way Wyoming can afford to teach its kids.

Wyoming can do better. Or, can we? Our legislators have refused to extend Medicaid, preemptively denied any federal gun laws (an amazing waste of time), and have perpetuated the pernicious lie that has led them to voter restrictions. This lie was based only the word of the commander-in-thief that the election was somehow stolen while he was in power and he could not find a shred of real evidence to sustain his power grab.

But, the Wyoming Legislature wants to "restore public confidence in the electoral system." If you want to restore confidence, then let the people vote. Just because Wyoming voters have bought into the lies, the divisiveness, the fear-mongering of the "man who would be king," our representatives should know better.

Like it or not, Wyoming is part of the greatest country on Earth. We are self-reliant (+ charity). We pick ourselves up by our own bootstraps. It's real hard to "pick yourself up by your bootstraps" if you've lost your foot to uncontrolled diabetes.

Hey legislators, wake up! You represent the people, not the fable.

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