I see in the WTE where my favorite legislators (Willy and Nilly) are taking a look at taxes. Consider for a moment approaching taxes and fees from the ground up. No sacred cows. Just developing a simple-to-understand tax framework for Wyoming, with increases tied to an appropriate index.

We would need a small team of people (no consultants) to develop the framework. Their goal would be to have something ready for the next session. The Legislature would then fit existing taxes and fees into the new framework, make any needed adjustments to the framework and modify existing statutes. Then, with the governor’s approval, we could begin a phased implementation by July of 2020.

Also consider how an easy-to-understand tax framework, with indexed controls for increases, would be attractive to citizens and businesses. We would all benefit from a mitigation of financial risks associated with a willy-nilly approach to taxes. Wyoming’s framework might even become the framework used by other governments.

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