I was happy to see Ann Erdmann’s proactive letter regarding her trip to Washington, D.C., to discuss doable solutions to poverty with her representatives. We can make a difference!

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is the world’s largest global health fund. Hundreds of RESULTS volunteer advocates, such as Ann, have helped shape federal government funding priorities, such as for the Global Fund. And in countries where The Global Fund operates, AIDS mortality has fallen by half from a peak in 2005, and TB and malaria deaths have declined by 25% and 45% respectively (www.theglobalfight.org).

Infectious diseases such as undetected multidrug-resistant TB don’t recognize borders, and infectious pandemics among displaced people intensify instability and fragile states. (You can “catch” TB through the air.)

Disease is both a cause and effect of poverty. The Global Fund works to ensure our security, builds economies and strengthens foreign health-care systems. We need to support it. And we need advocates like Ann. You can be a RESULTS advocate, too (www.results.org).

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