Call it good and evil or good and bad, all major religions have had their troubles. I spent two years in Iraq as a contractor. I saw and felt explosions and had a bullet come through my hooch roof.

Many people say that the Muslim people are evil. That’s the improper perspective. While in Iraq, I read the Koran and asked Muslims about it. Islam the religion and the Koran itself are evil.

Where most peaceful religions have a few bad eggs, Islam, a hateful, evil religion, has a number of good eggs. The two sects of Islam kill each other and anyone in their way.

But make no mistake, the end goal of all Muslims is to be the only religion on the planet. The Koran demands this by any means


About their only sin possible toward infidels is not furthering the growth of Islam. Toward us infidels, lying, cheating, stealing, raping and murder are allowed and encouraged if toward the growth of Islam.

Most Muslims have this brainwashed into them from birth. I saw 2- and 3-year-olds spit on soldiers, and that was in peaceful areas.

Say what you will, but Islam is evil like no other group of any kind, except maybe the Nazis. Not all Muslims are evil, but they all follow an evil book, by an evil man. Mohamed would kick Hitler’s butt.

As Americans, we are allowed to think and, at this point, still pretty much say what we want. Islam, no matter who is practicing it, does not fit into American culture and beliefs, or any other relatively free nation’s.

Muslims will lie, cheat and force you to think otherwise to get their foot in the door, then they will kick you out of the building by any means necessary. If you don’t believe any of this, look. Open your eyes and look!

Read the Koran, do research. Just quit being sheep blinded by fresh, and free, grass. It is a matter of life and death, both temporary and eternal.

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