If you do, Rover or Kissy-poo may never forgive you.

Ask yourself, do you really want that? Think of the consequences. Rover may never ever again fetch that stick. Nor intercept the frisbee you toss. Or if you’re a hunter, refuse to jump into the lake and retrieve that bird you just shot. Wouldn’t that be (yes, pun intended) “fowl” of him?

Kissy-poo may growl at every guy who wants to date you, and you know what they say, if your dog growls at a potential suitor, he’s not the guy for you. So, do you want Kissy-poo to chase away romance, especially when he actually is the man of your dreams? Are you willing to risk disappointing your parents who dream of grandchildren?

Didn’t think so.

So what’s a canine fur baby mama or daddy supposed to do? The answer is simple, participate in the Laramie Boomerang’s Bark Madness contest by submitting a photo of your pooch. And now’s the right time to do it.

All you have to do is go to: RawlinsTimes.com and scroll down to the photo of the basset hound with its ears a-flappin’ and click on it. The entry form will automatically pop up. From there, just fill out the information (and trust me, it’s easy-peasy) and then upload your dog’s picture. We’ll take it from there.

Best of all, it’s free. That’s right. There is no entry fee.


Once deadline passes, week by week the Laramie Boomerang will then whittle down the field by category until the end of March, when the three top vote-getters are announced. Those three will each receive gift baskets, trophies and the following:

First prize: $350 in products/services

Second prize: $200 in products/services

Third prize: $100 in products/services

Although it costs absolutely nothing to sign up and send in a photo, it does cost to vote, but it is for great causes, as a portion proceeds go to worthy causes, both animal and human.

Plus voting won’t break your bark … er, make that “bank.” For a mere $1 you get 10 votes. Better still, you don’t even have to have an entry in the contest, because voting is open to everyone, even cat lovers (Hiss!).

One other thing, arrangements are being made in which people may donate items to certain establishments; the items can be for both animal or human.

So now it’s up to you. Ask yourself, do you love your canine family member? Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, puppy parent? (With a nod of the hat and a thank you, Dirty Harry.)

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