The holder of Certificate of Purchase N0.9215 issued on August 16th, 2Ol2 issued to Monty Simmons assigned to Elnora Dodger LLC on November I,20I2, gives notice of intent to apply for a tax deed to the real property reflected in said Certificate of Purchase. The applicant purchased the real property for 2011 delinquent taxes at the Carbon County Tax sale on August 16th,2012, and has subsequently paid all taxes. The real property was taxed in the name of Michael C. Montoya, and he is the current owner.

The real property is described as follows :Lot 35 Block4 Jones Addition.

The redemption period will expire on June 4th, 2017, and application for the tax deed will be made on or after June 4th, 2017.

Applicant is not aware of any special assessments against the property.

This notice is sent pursuant to Wyoming Statutes 39-13-IA7 and 39-13-108.

Published: February 18, 25 & March 4, 2017

No. 7426

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