Don and Marjorie Blakeslee

Marjorie and Don Blakeslee

Earlier this week, a letter arrived at the Rawlins Times, totally unexpected, yet so endearing that the decision has been made to run the image of the letter, along with the photo of the couple, as our way of saying thank you.

Yes, it is a belated Valentine’s Day present to the newspaper and the people who write for it, but more — and most — important, it’s a love letter to you in Rawlins and Albany County. Enjoy.

Steve Steiner

Managing editor

Rawlins Times

On Jan. 2, the Rawlins Times had the privilege to run an announcement celebrating the 70th wedding anniversary of Don and Marjorie (Garten) Blakeslee.

The couple lived in Rawlins for more than 50 years. Don was an employee of School District No. 3 and an educator for 39 years. He earned his Ed.D in 1967 from the University of Wyoming. For two years after being awarded his doctorate, he served as an adjunct professor at UW.

Marjorie was also an educator, having taught in Onaga and Great Bend, Kansas.

The couple has a son and a daughter, as well as five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Below is what Don Blakeslee (sic) wrote:

Dear Editor,

Thank you for publishing the item about our 70th wedding anniversary. As a result of the news we have receive many cards and messages from former students and old friends. The words have come from near and far. We are so appreciative of them.

Even though we have been gone from Rawlins for over 10 years, our hearts are still there. We can still get “weepy” if we hear music that reminds us of the West. We miss our daily “visual visit” with Elk Mountain (we assume it’s still there). Our home here is very quiet, with no humming sound of the Interstate (we do have a few trains but not enough to get excited about.

We appreciate your reduced paper, especially the news of former students such as councilman (undeciperable) Martinez. His life story is one to be admired (I am proud of him). Then there is His Honor, Bob (undecipherable) who has given so freely of his time and will always be Mayor in my mind.

We also very much appreciate the columns written by our friend, Barbara Parsons. I wish I had here advice on gardening when I had my efforts on El Rancho.

Thanks again. Keep the Times going. Local papers are so very important. Please excuse the handwriting, but at 93 my hand doesn’t always do what I tell it to do. I think it probably has something to do with my “advanced age of maturity.” (That is what a doctor says.)

Don Blakeslee

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