At the April 6 county commission meeting, Carbon County Sheriff Archie Roybal brought before commissioners the matter of renewal of the annual law enforcement cooperation agreement the County Sheriff has with the U.S.D.A. Forest Service, Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests, and the Thunder Basin National Grasslands.

When Commissioner Sue Jones asked how much they (the other agencies) agreed to pay this year, Roybal answered $8,000.

“That is pretty cheap,” said Jones, not too impressed with the dollar figure.

“We tried to get as much as we could, but unfortunately that is all we could get from them,” Roybal said. “They did come up from a couple of years ago. Hopefully, that will help out and assist us.”

The one-year agreement permits the Forest Service to provide some financial assistance for county equipment and personnel for patrolling forest roads and help taking care of any issues that arise.

Carbon County is one of the few Wyoming counties that have such an agreement with the U.S Forest Service. It is to assist with “forest patrols” and in doing Search and Rescue operations in their forest.

There is only one Forest Service law enforcement person stationed in Saratoga for all the millions of acres of property and hundreds of miles of roads under their control. Since county roads turn into forest service roads it is easy for us to continue patrolling on their roads.

“We try to patrol the federal forest as much as we can,” said Roybal. “You might see us at Seminoe or over by Baggs in the forest. We want to be able to patrol the campgrounds and different areas just to make sure the people are doing what they need to do and are being respectful.”

His department also assisted the Forest Service with road closures during the Mullen Fire.

As for search and rescue operations, in Wyoming the County Sheriffs are statutorily responsible for all searches and rescues in each county, said Roybal. Therefore, all search and rescue operations are conducted by the Sheriff’s Department. Also, all 911 emergency calls come first to the county dispatch center before being forwarded.

“I am appreciative of everybody working together as a team on traffic issues and search and rescues. We try to work with everyone we can,” said Roybal.

Commissioner Jones made the motion to approve this agreement, which passed 5-0.

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