It wasn’t long after Saturday-into-Sunday’s snowstorm blew through Laramie that Jenny and Max Hayden went into action, fulfilling what might loosely be considered a family tradition on Jenny’s side of the family.

“My parents made their first Garfield in 1985 in Willmar, Minnesota when they were a young couple like us,” said Jenny.

Her parents, Jim and Julie Seeman, now reside in Buffalo, Wyoming, having moved there before she and her brother were born.

At the respective ages of nine and 10, they, along with their parents made a snow Garfield in 2010.

So it remained until this past weekend, when opportunity once more presented itself.

“I thought it would be a great tradition to carry on with my current husband and our future family down the road,” she said. With that, the couple sprung into action. “It’s not very often that we have this much snow to create such an amazing sculpture, but it sure was fun.”

Altogether, their Garfield creation, which stands almost 7 feet, 4 inches, took approximately three hours.

The couple, who are seniors at the University of Wyoming and currently student teaching, posted their project on social media. Since then, it got more than 7,000 likes and 1,000 shares, and climbing.

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