April 13

15th Street, Rawlins, medical assist

Darnley Street, Rawlins, false alarm or false call

South Higley Blvd., Rawlins, medical assist

Interstate 80, Rawlins, extrication

April 14

East Hugus Street, Rawlins, medical assist

East Cedar, Rawlins, medical assist

West State Street, Rawlins, gas leak

April 15

No report


April 16

6:29 a.m., Interstate 80 Westbound, Sinclair, one vehicle accident


April 13

47 total calls: 3 911 calls, 1 arrest, 15 traffic offenses, 1 911 hang up, 2 trespass, 2 accident

April 14

29 total calls: 22 911 calls, 5 arrests, 10 traffic offenses, 1 bar check, 1 fight 1 911 hang up, 4 warrants

April 15

17 total calls: 1 arrests, 13 911 calls, 5 traffic offenses, 2 911 hang up


April 13

Timothy Duke, 30, of Rawlins, warrant arrest

Keith Matteri, 49, of Rawlins, A&B on correction officer: reckless prpl dangers substance

Rodney Reed, 62, of Rawlins, warrant arrest

Mark Visnick, 56, of Laramie, holdover for another agency

April 14

Skye Barnes, 27, of Rawlins, arrest and hold

Aubrey Batchelor, 25, of Rawlins, DRUGS: possess powder/crystal less than 3 gram, drive vehicle w/i single lane

Christy Mitchell, 33, of Rawlins, warrant arrest

Daniel Ochoa, 48, of Rawlins, DRUGS: SCH I, II, III more than in PAR ci, DRUGS: possess pills/capsule less than 3 grams; 3 plus offense, DRUGS: manufactured/deliver meth/narcotic I, II

Christopher Montoya, 49, of Ralwins, DRUGS: SCH I, II, amount more than in par ci

April 15

Blake Nuzzo, 61, of Rawlins, arrest and hold

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