Do you know a business that deserves some recognition?

Of course you do. This is why, despite — actually, perhaps because of — the trials and tribulations of the past year, nominating and voting in this year’s People’s Choice business recognition program is more important than ever.

Face it, it’s been a long year since COVID-19, and now it finally appears as if we are emerging from the darkness; the light at the end of the tunnel looms larger with each passing day.

The number of people getting vaccinated increases on a daily basis as vaccines become more readily available. Then there’s the added bonus (for many) of federal stimulus money being received.

There’s also the pent-up demand to get out and start doing things, going places, resuming everyday activities, planning for the future.

Almost everyone has been inconvenienced, or to one degree or another, suffered. One of those entities that have suffered have been the local businesses in Rawlins and those throughout Carbon County.

It hasn’t been easy for local merchants, who happen to be your neighbors, friends, even loved ones. Many had to pivot and do business different than previously done. They had obligations: rent, utilities, stock, and employees.

Some may have had to reduce days and hours of operation. Some may have had to layoff staffers. Some may have had to reduce or eliminate stock.

Whatever it is they did to stay in business, they did. Yes, they persevered. It has been a struggle, and sadly, some may not have been able to weather the downtown, but for those that did, each and every one needs to say words of thanks.

Now it’s time for the community-at-large to show its gratitude and appreciation, not just by opening up wallets and purses — which is the most substantial way — but also by letting the merchants know by participating in this year’s Locals Choice program you are demonstrating how important local businesses are to the health of the entire community.

It’s a win-win for all of Rawlins and Carbon County. You depend upon local merchants, restaurants, service providers and others — and they, equally, depend upon you. By supporting one another, all keep Rawlins and Carbon County vibrant and strong and most important of all, stable.

So take the time, nominate your favorite businesses, and when voting time arrives, cast your ballots.


Visit: and nominate your top businesses for each category in our 2021 Local’s Choice contest.

Nominations will last until April 30 and then voting will take place May 9-22. The winners will be announced May 29.

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