Dear editor,

I am trying to find information about my great uncle George P. Economy.

He was chairman of the Democratic Committee in Rawlins between the late ‘20s and late ‘60’. I am making a genealogy tree and trying to find as much information as possible. The Rawlins Library was kind enough to find some paper clippings from 1946. The Chamber of Commerce did find a deed but anything else is not on digital backup. I have a biography of his and there are letters written to him by Presidents Roosevelt, Kennedy, Truman and Johnson as well as a few from Congress. There is also a letter from a commissioner about a letter he wrote about Seminoe Dam and how it would help with employment for people in the county.

The best way to forward any findings would be via my e-mail,

If you could help with any info or direct me to a site with info it would be kindly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

George Gottis,

Brisbane, Australia

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