Column of untruths

Dear editor

In the column “A Conversation Continued” the last paragraph says that Black Lives Matter (BLM) is trying to force the point that police only shoot blacks or at least far more than any other race. BLM is definitely NOT saying that police only shoot Blacks. But they are saying police shoot Blacks more than Whites. The truth, according to the National Library of Medicine is: “Victims were majority white (52%) but disproportionately black (32%) with a fatality rate 2.8 times higher among blacks than whites. Most victims were reported to be armed (83%); however, black victims were more likely to be unarmed (14.8%) than white (9.4%) or Hispanic (5.8%) victims.” Most studies out there give a rate of 2.5% more black deaths at the hands of the police than whites. Black Lives Matter is certainly justified in their protest of police killings of black people. Black Lives Matter needs our help, not untruths.

Geri Doherty,


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