On inmate treatment

Dear editor,

I am the mother of a son who is incarcerated at the Rawlins prison. I just can’t hold this in. Please, if this could be known about the treatment of people, this is not right!

My son was sent to Mississippi for two years for the rebuild of the prison, his stay in Mississippi has been so good, he was treated as a human being.

WSP just brought back their inmates over the past two weeks. They drove them back and didn’t stop for 10 hours without a bathroom break or water. These men had to urinate and have a BM on themselves. Some were upset and threw up all over. How come these men are treated inhumanly for a 30-hour drive? The prison stripped them and left them naked for five hours, with a parade from the warden and his assistant looking with disgust on them. They are in lock down for the Corona Quarantine for 14 days, with 23 hours locked down with a half hour out. They are not being punished for this, but even segregation is 23 and one hour out! When they are released after 14 days they are going to be locked down 21 hours and out three hours. I have been a voice for my son. Please, the law has been served for his crime. I know that it should not be a picnic for inmates, but every human being is worthy of decent treatment.

Christie Hicks,

Gilbert, Ariz.

Jerry Paxton should be re-elected to HD-47

Dear editor,

I felt compelled to write to my Republican friends in Saratoga and the surrounding area in House District 47. I had the privilege to sit next to Jerry Paxton the first 3 years I was in The Wyoming House of Representatives. He mentored me and became a great friend.

I can tell you he thoroughly understands and can explain the issues and has a very reasonable approach in helping craft solutions to the myriad of bills that are brought to the legislature each year.

His conservative values, dedication to his constituents, voting record and knowledge of the challenging issues facing Wyoming currently is invaluable to the folks in Carbon County and Wyoming.

Jerry understands education funding which is about half the upcoming biennium budget and has been instrumental in developing reasonable education legislation while being the vice chairman and the Chairman of the Education Committee when needed. He has also served the folks of Carbon County very well on the Select Water Committee which is vital to providing water to the state.

Jerry is effective, engaged, and knowledgeable on the issues. Don’t be fooled by election year rhetoric that you may hear or read. Look at Jerry’s record and past performance and keep his experience working for you. Vote Paxton on August 18th or before by absentee or mail in ballot.

Representative Bill Haley

House District 46

Centennial, Wyoming

Didn’t draw an antelope tag? Blame your state senator

Dear editor,

Under a bill that went before the State Senate in February, an additional 3,000+ Wyoming Resident Hunters would have drawn an antelope tag this year.

But ... the bill, SF94, failed on introduction. In fact, just one State Senator, Larry Hicks of Carbon County, voted to introduce it.

Wyoming is by far the most liberal western state when it comes to nonresident hunter tag allocation. We currently give 25% of our bighorn sheep and mountain goat tags, 20% of our moose tags and 16% of our limited quota bull elk tags to nonresidents. Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado all limit nonresidents to 10% or less for most big game tags.

SF94 would have changed Wyoming’s tag allocation to match Montana’s “90/10 Plus” allocation — where 90% of limited quota big game tags go to resident hunters, 10% to nonresidents, and if there are 10 or less tags for any hunt area, all of those tags go to resident hunters — Wyoming resident hunters would have received 3,665 more coveted tags in 2019 (2020 numbers aren’t out yet):

• 34 more Bighorn Sheep Tags

• 44 more Moose Tags

• 14 more Mountain Goat Tags

• 622 more Limited Quota, Type 1 & Type 9, Elk Tags

• 3,011 more Limited Quota, Type 1, Antelope Tags

• 24 more Bison Tags

Why are Wyoming’s resident hunters getting screwed? Blame your State Senator and the Wyoming Outfitters, Stockgrowers and the traitors at the Wyoming Wildlife Federation — who all campaigned against the bill.

We’re not beat yet. A group of Wyoming Resident hunters are working with Senator Hicks and others to get another 90/10 Plus bill introduced in 2020. We are going to make this an election issue in the August primary and November general election.

Want to help? First, call and/or email your State Senator and ask him/her to explain their vote not to introduce SF94 in February.

Next, go to and sign up. I’m a fifth generation Wyomingite, and I need your help putting Wyoming First!

Rob Shaul

Hoback, Wyoming

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