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Caleb Michael Smith

Do you miss Ray already? I know I do.

Greetings. My name is Caleb Michael Smith. I’m the editor of the Rocket Miner newspaper in Rock Springs who is also lending a hand during the transition of the Rawlins Times.

Now that the illustrious Ray Erku has moved on, I am here to help things go smoothly as is possible at an entity that thrives on breaking news and unexpected updates. This is a job where the plan you have when you go to bed may be outdated by the time you wake up, and the strategy that you revised over breakfast may not survive until lunch, let alone the afternoon deadline. It is many things, but it is never boring.

To let you know a little about me, I’m a Missouri transplant who has set up roots in Wyoming. I’ve made the southwest corner of this state my home ever since I took a one-way flight to Sweetwater County more than 13 years ago with two suitcases and a backpack crammed with books. I’ve added many experiences and bookcases since then.

It has been a pleasure getting to know the contours and characters of this state. From my perch in Rock Springs, I’ve watched kept my eye on this community through the grapevine, occasional daytrips and the pages of this very newspaper. I know how lucky this publication was to have Ray and how much work is required of those who will follow him.

Local content is what makes the Times unique. The paper does a great job providing the state, national and global news and context that’s worth knowing, but it’s the local stuff that is most valuable. Extra work is required to provide that, and since I can’t be on the ground as much as Ray, I’ll need help to do right by the paper and its readers.

Fortunately, Ray built up a great network of sources and stringers, and I’m additionally backed by members of the Rocket Miner team who are willing to assist where they can. That’s a great place to begin, but the final product will be better if more people get involved.

We could use your eyes and ears, along with your insights. Please send tips, photos, letters to the editor, write-ups, invitations, or other items worth sharing to – the same address as always. This team wants to continue to showcase what’s going on in the community. Please help us succeed.

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