RAWLINS – Not one full week into the season and Rawlins swimming is already showing they’re capable of being a 3A contender.

Over the weekend, the Outlaws started out their first meet of the season with a third-place team finish at Rock Springs, an event that included five schools. They took the honor with 236 overall points, with Riverton taking the cake with 292 points.

The next day, with a total of 10 teams vying for first, the Outlaws took fourth place overall to conclude the Rawlins Pentathlon. Rawlins accumulated 82 overall points, while Lander’s 215 points won the meet.

And on a relay and individual basis, Rawlins has gotten off to a respectable early-season start.

Topping the charts between Friday and Saturday came by way of Outlaws Isaac Nitschke, Dalton Coleman and Henry Smith. Combined, the three swimmers amassed seven individual golds.

Meanwhile, among Rawlins’ 200-yard medley and 200- and 400-yard freestyle relay teams on Friday in Rock Springs, they nabbed three top-three finishes, with the 200-yard medley taking gold.

By the end of the weekend, the Outlaws nabbed 12 overall top-three finishers.

Next up, Rawlins gets ready for a conference meet at Lyman at 4:30 p.m. tomorrow.

Full results

Rawlins meet, Saturday

50-yard fly (JV)

2nd: Marshall Lewis, 40.11

9th: Ethan Frakes, 44.20

11th: Elias Herrada, 48.58

100-yard fly

5th: Dalton Coleman

16th: Isaac Nitschke, 1:07.42

27th: Henry Smith, 1:12.40

32nd: Calen Johansson, 1:13.15

35th: Gunner Mayer, 1:14.13

50th: Jonathan Karstens, 1:21.92

55th: Taylor Torsetenbo, 1:27.32

71st: Skyler Lagenderfer, 1:47.55

50-yard backstroke (JV)

4th: Kagen Chapman, 38.17

9th: Marshall Lewis, 39.97

13th: Elias Herrada, 43.74

100-yard backstroke

1st: Isaac Nitschke, 59.43

12th: Dalton Coleman, 1:07.19

19th: Gunner Mayer, 1:08.78

34th: Jonathan Karstens, 1:12.88

40th: Henry Smith, 1:14.86

43rd: Caleb Johansson, 1:14.86

63rd: Skyler Lagenderfer, 1:22.09

75th: Taylor Torsetenbo, 1:28.69

100-yard freestyle (JV)

3rd: Marshall Lewis, 1:09.19

8th: Kagen Chapman, 1:14.91

17th: Ethan Frakes, 1:26.39

18th: Elias Herrada, 1:26.49

50-yard freestyle

3rd: Isaac Nitschke, 23.68

9th: Dalton Coleman, 24.79

16th: Caleb Johansson, 25.39

23rd: Henry Smith, 26.20

31st: Gunner Mayer, 26.68

39th: Jonathon Karstens, 27.35

69th: Taylor Torsentenbo, 30.55

83rd: Skyler Lagenderfer, 33.59

50-yard breaststroke (JV)

4th: Marshall Lewis

7th: Ethan Frakes, 44.07

12th: Elias Herrada, 47.80

13th: Kagen Chapman, 48.11

100-yard breaststroke

2nd: Dalton Coleman, 1:07.76

13th: Isaac Nitschke, 1:14.53

19th: Calen Johansson, 1:17.42

26th: Gunner Mayer, 1:20.51

28th: Taylor Torsentenbo, 1:21.83

45th: Jonathan Karstens, 1:27.75

51st: Henry Smith, 1:30.54

80th: Skyler Lagenderfer, 2:06.96

50-yard freestyle (JV)

6th: Kagen Chapman, 31.69

9th: Marshall Lewis, 32.28

16th: Ethan Frakes, 36.41

17th: Elias Herrada, 36.93

100-yard freestyle

4th: Isaac Nitschke, 54.09

6th: Dalton Coleman, 54.09

14th: Henry Smith, 57.85

26th: Caleb Johansson, 59.46

30th: Gunner Mayer, 1:00.28

37th: Jonathan Karstens, 1:01.59

62nd: Taylor Torsetenbo, 1:09.41

76th: Lagenderfer, 1:16.02

Rock Springs, Friday

200-yard medley relay

1st: Rawlins, 1:52.15 – Gunner Mayer, Dalton Coleman, Jonathan Karstens, Isaac Nitschke

8th: Rawlins, 2:14.35 – Skyler Langenderfer, Taylor Torsentenbo, Caleb Johansson, Kagen Chapman

200-yard freestyle

1st: Henry Smith, 2:03.92

13th: Marshall Lewis, 2:38.17

14th: Skyler Langenderfer, 3:38.43

200-yard IM

1st: Dalton Coleman, 2:17.62

50-yard freestyle

7th: Caleb Johansson, 25.86

10th: Jonathan Karstens, 27.62

18th: Kagen Chapman, 31.20

25th: Ethan Frakes, 35.33

100-yard butterfly

5th: Gunner Mayer, 1:11.82

100-yard freestyle

1st: Isaac Nitschke, 51.78

8th: Jonathan Karstens, 1:02.64

12th: Marshall Lewis, 1:09.38

14th: Kagen Chapman, 1:12.33

19th: Elias Herrada, 1:17.94

500-yard freestyle

1st: Henry Smith, 5:49.97

200-yard freestyle relay

3rd: Rawlins, 1:43.50 – Dalton Coleman, Caleb Johansson, Jonathan Karstens, Henry Smith

7th: Rawlins, 2:09.81 – Marshall Lewis, Taylor Torsetenbo, Elias Herrada, Ethan Frakes

100-yard backstroke

1st: Isaac Nitschke, 58.63

3rd: Gunner Mayer, 1:08.30

8th: Skyler Langenderfer, 1:19.97

100-yard breaststroke

1st: Dalton Coleman, 1:07.80

5th: Caleb Johansson, 1:18.49

9th: Taylor Torsetenbo, 1:22.27

12th: Ethan Frakes, 1:38.42

400-yard freestyle relay

2nd: Rawlins, 4:02.04 – Isaac Nitschke, Gunner Mayer, Henry Smith, Marshall Lewis

7th: Rawlins, 5:24.92 – Kagen Chapman, Skyler Lagenderfer, Elias Herrada, Ethan Frakes

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