LARAMIE – As Rawlins swim team races toward season’s end, the ongoing inclement weather has put a wrench in the Outlaws’ plans.

“You better have a day like this planned in the back of your mind if you live in Wyoming,” Rawlins High swim coach Tom Johnson said. “Maybe a day off is not the end of the world and it should not be especially with eight of our 13 boys already qualifying.”

On Saturday, Rawlins competed at the “February Invite” in Laramie, where they were also missing out on a few swimmers due to sickness.

“I think it could get a little sketchy for us if we do not swim by Wednesday,” Johnson said.

If the Outlaws miss practice, Johnson wants his team to focus on core training and maintaining a healthy diet.

“I think the biggest issue has been the amount of illnesses recorded in the schools,” Johnson said. “I have had kids get sick and miss two weeks of practice and it has been running through our team.”

“Rawlins High is dealing with this issue as well as every team in the state so we must make the most of it,” he added.

One Rawlins swimmer came down with Influenza B this season.

Not even during Johnson’s tenure as the University of Wyoming swim coach does he recall a season like this.

“Every guy on the team has a very crucial role whereas at Wyoming, it was the next woman up,” Johnson said. “When you have 42 women on a roster, some swimmers carried more significance than others.”

For Rawlins to finish the year strong, Johnson believes the Outlaws must remain optimistic.

“You get nothing out of staying negative, so hopefully we have a full roster this weekend,” Johnson said. “The swimmers have been good but they must take more precautions to stay healthy.”

Despite Rawlins’ sicknesses, junior Dalton Coleman has remained relatively unscathed this season.

“That kid has only missed one day of practice this season and that was due to a doctor’s appointment,” Johnson said. “He as the rest of the team have taken on the responsibility of doing the right thing and trying to help the team.

Though the Outlaws are light on seniors, the junior class has helped step up this season.

“Our junior class makes up a large portion of our team and they pretty much dominate and lead our team,” Johnson said.

To Johnson, seeing his team’s steady improvement has been his favorite part of this season.

For Rawlins to make the next step, Johnson believes his swimmers must improve their diet.

“They must make sure they also eat healthy as your diet cannot consist of McDonalds, Taco Bell and Slimfast,” Johnson said. “Your food is your fuel and you have to eat clean if you want to swim at your fastest.”

“Hopefully they will remain committed and continue improving long after the season ends,” Johnson said. “I know a few run track which is great, so hopefully the rest stay in the water so we can pick up in the summer.

Rawlins High concludes their regular season in Cheyenne on Friday, Feb. 14. at Last Chance.

The 3A State Championship will be held on Thursday, Feb. 20 in Laramie.

Full results

Laramie Invite

200-yard medley relay

9th: Rawlins, 1:51.60 – Isaac Nitschke, Dalton Coleman, Caleb Johansson, Henry Smith

17th: Rawlins, 2:05.22 – Gunner Mayer, Taylor Torstenbo, Jonathan Karstens, Kagen Chapman

200-yard IM

7th: Dalton Coleman, 2:14.55

29th: Taylor Torstenbo, 2:42.01

200-yard free

26th: Henry Smith, 2:08.39

28th: Heyden Roberts, 2:09.74

100-yard fly

15th: Dalton Coleman, 1:01.49

32: Jonathan Karstens, 1:17.07

100-yard free

25th: Gunner Mayer, 58.99

500-yard free

17th: Heyden Roberts, 5:50.84

26th: Marshall Lewis, 6:27.78

200-yard free relay

11th: Rawlins, 1:40.59 – Isaac Nitschke, Caleb Johansson, Heyden Roberts, Henry Smith

27th: Rawlins, 2:05.46 – Kagen Chapman, Marshall Lewis, Skyler Langenderfer, Ethan Frakes

100-yard back

23rd: Gunner Mayer, 1:09.44

28th: Jonathan Karstens, 1:14.32

100-yard breast

27th: Caleb Johansson, 1:17.29

28th: Taylor Torstenbo, 1:17.41

41st: Ethan Frakes, 1:26.62

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