ROCK SPRINGS – Meet your neighbor Sadie Lewis, staff accountant and CPA at Hall, Noble & Druce in Rock Springs.

She prepares taxes and bookkeeping for individuals and businesses all year long, but mid-January to tax deadline is her busy season. During that time, she goes full tilt doing taxes during long 12-hour work days, sometimes completing 20 sets of taxes a day.

“You know that feeling you get when you check something off your to-do list?” she asked. “I get that feeling every time I finish a set of taxes.”

Sadie became interested in doing taxes because “in high school, I enjoyed math and organizing.” She has a master’s degree in accounting and she’s a licensed CPA, which requires passing four rigorous state tests within 18 months.

She said she loves this work because, “I love helping people. People are often uneducated on taxes and don’t know what can save them money. Plus, there is something new every single day.”

In her free time, Sadie loves to be creative. She renovated her whole house and loves to decorate with rustic décor and her own homemade signs.

If you see your neighbor Sadie Lewis, CPA, be sure to say, “Hi!”

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