ROCK SPRINGS – Meet your neighbor Travis Harper, owner of CounterWise Inc., where he designs and builds countertops and custom cabinets.

Travis has been in business for about 20 years. He works with a CNC machine, which polishes the edges of the countertops and cuts the sinkholes. His favorite part of doing this work is doing the CAD and computer designing.

“As we’ve grown and gotten into CNC equipment, we can do things we couldn’t dream of doing before. Unusual shapes and curved walls. If I can draw it, I can build it,” he said. “It’s absolutely fascinating.”

Travis said that even measuring is done digitally these days. “I can set up a laser, and it digitizes the whole room for me,” he said.

Outside of work, his biggest passion is the game of pickleball. He travels to tournaments around the region to compete and has brought home a few silver and bronze medals.

If you see your neighbor Travis Harper, be sure to say, “Hi!”

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