ROCK SPRINGS – Meet your neighbor Yauncy White, owner and tattoo artist at the Euphoric Tattoo Parlour. He has owned his shop for about five and a half years. He started his career in St. Louis. After hanging around a tattoo shop long enough, he was given a shot to become an apprentice.

Yauncy loves being a tattoo artist because “the interaction with the people is the best part. Then, there is the art. I love that fact that it’s not like every other job. It’s something different every day.”

He’s especially proud of his shop because “there are more then 30 years of experience in this shop. Every style can be done here.”

Yauncy’s biggest passions are his kids, to whom he was a single dad for 30 years; his fiancé, with whom he works with at the shop; and the shop, which he calls “our little family.”

Outside of the shop, he also loves skateboarding and was an amateur skateboarder growing up. “It’s definitely something kids should get into to stay busy and stay out of trouble,” he said.

If you see your neighbor Yauncy White, be sure to say, “Hi!”

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