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Casey Industrial orchestrated a donation drive for YWCA Sweetwater County.

Pictured from left to right is Kim Ussery, Mark Hardiman, Darrell Ball, Taneesa Congdon, Chelsea Cortez, Richard Helton and Billy Shelley.

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Casey Industrial may not be a permanent local business in Sweetwater County, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t leaving their mark on the community.

Currently working on a job alongside Genesis Alkali in Green River, Casey Industrial orchestrated a donation drive for YWCA Sweetwater County.

Project manager Darrell Ball said that the company tries to help out where they can when they are in a new location.

“We’re a company that isn’t local here,” Ball said. “So when we come into a community like this, we like to give back. We know that by being here, we impact the community. We want to make sure that impact isn’t negative.

“We look for opportunities to be able to give back and we saw this as a great option.”

Ball said that with the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting communities, they saw the donation drive as a way to help out in the community.

In addition, Ball said that they try to do a project like this one at least once every quarter.

“The particular job that we’re currently working on with Genesis Alkali means that we’ll be here about a year and a half,” Ball said. “We’re six months into it so we plan to do additional service projects during our time here in order to help where we can. We are really looking forward to getting them done.”

When looking for an organization to help out, Ball said that choosing YWCA Sweetwater County was an easy decision.

“The YWCA has a program where they help displaced people difficult situations. People that have to start over are basically starting out with very little,” Ball said. “So, we thought a donation drive would be an excellent way to give back.

“We donated several different types of items from cooking utensils to toothbrushes. We made sure to donate a bulk supply of different items so they had those on hand whenever someone came in that they needed to help get set up.”

To complete the donation drive, Ball said that the YWCA gave them a list of items needed.

“It was actually pretty cool because we were able to do the donation drive through Amazon. They had a list of items and the quantity needed and we were able to get on Amazon to just order the stuff right off of the website.

“Those items were then able to be shipped directly to YWCA. It’s really a simple process that helps a good cause.”

In order to make these donation drives happen, Ball said that everyone tends to get involved.

“We ask everyone throughout the workforce to help out with the donations,” Ball said. “That can look like anything from bringing in cases of can goods or some people donate money. For the monetary donations that we get, we take the money and go buy additional goods with it.”

In addition to the donations benefiting those receiving them, Ball said that it also boosts the morale among the employees involved in donating.

“Everyone out here knows how fortunate we are to have a good job that pays well. So to be able to help out where help is needed is a nice feeling,” Ball said. “It’s a commitment as a company that we have so we try to instill that into everyone that is in our workforce.”

In addition to the donation drive, Ball said that they also did a food drive in November.

“The food drive that we did was all about providing nonperishable food items for them to have available,” Ball said. “We were able to deliver over 3,000 pounds of food.”

YWCA Center for Families and Children program director Taneesa Congdon said that they were extremely thankful for the for the donations from Casey Industrial.

“YWCA is grateful to Casey Industrial and the employees at Genesis Alkali for their recent donation drive. Donations will help survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, human trafficking and elder abuse,” Congdon said.

“I am continually amazed by the generosity of our community and the thoughtful ways in which they choose to give. Casey Industrial inquired about our current needs and surpassed our request. A deep heartfelt thank you to Casey Industrial and everyone who donated.”

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