GREEN RIVER — Green River Wyoming is located in the south west corner of the state. If you have driven I-80 across the state and passed through twin tunnels, you have passed by Green River. Nestled in between gorgeous rock formations with the Green River running through the heart of the town, it is an oasis in the High Desert Country — an oasis with some truly magical gardens.

Gardensin Sweetwater County surprise visitors who have said“ I didn’t expect to see that here” or ”I didn’t know you could grow that here.” The tour has gardens with wildflower gardens, perennial and vegetable gardens. You will find gardens rooms with fairy gardens, hidden water features and garden ponds with of various sizes full of colorful koi or garden goldfish.

The Green River Pond and Garden Tour showcase 12 amazing garden homes in Green River and Rock Springs. Garden tour usually runs the second Saturday in August. Those interested in attending the tour can get information from Green River. Chambers, Riverside nursery or Green River pond tour Facebook page. The tour is always free and there is usually a raffle to raise funds for a local resident or an organization. There also have a couple master gardeners stationed at two garden homes ready for those tricky questions. Visitors can ask garden homeowners questions and take pictures of garden ideas they really like.

A Pond Tour will be planned for 2022. If you are interested in including you pond and garden in the 2022 garden tour contact organizer Lyneen Murphy through email or the tour’s facebook page. Murphy is always looking for new garden homes. She said she understands that you could be a bit fearful of having so many people walking through your yard. But the garden tour Murphy took over the tour more than 10 years ago, and has yet to hear of a garden homeowner upset. The visitors are the greatest and show much respect to every garden home.

The decision to cancel this year’s tour was not an easy one to make. However, after Murphy herd from many garden home owners whose yards sustained extreme damage from last Septembers wind storm and the concerns surrounding COVID-19, many did not want to participate in this year’s garden tour. Yards sustained substantial damage during the storm. Murphy said she was disappointed that she had to cancel but looks forward to start work on the 2022 Pond and Garden Tour.

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